Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Hip Hop

Moncell Allen has a new blog, and his frustratingly poor taste in hip hop artists inspired me to celebrate good music. I still think everyone should read his blog though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nike Witness Shirts- You will never own one

Many UK fans wondered where they could get one, this one asked. Thanks to UK D Shack for emailing Nike and answering the question via TCP.

"I appreciate you taking the time to email me about your interest in a special edition Meek Witness tee shirt. At this time the Nike 'Meek' Witness tee shirt was only produced for the UK basketball players and not sold at retail. This shirt along with other special mark-up tee shirts are specifically made for student athletes. As stated in an article on Kentuckysports.com - : "The shirts, which Nike produced for the UK team and athletic department personnel "within two-three-four days" of the game, will not be sold commercially, Newton said. The shirt has the word "Witness" on the front, borrowing the term of a LeBron James campaign. Nike also used the term for a campaign with Connecticut's women's team and Davidson's Stephen Curry-led NCAA Tournament run last year." In your behalf, I have passed your valuable feedback on to our collegiate team group for future consideration. Sorry for not being able to fulfill your request, but let me know if you have any other questions I can assist you with. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day! Sincerely, RuiNike PS: Go Wildcats!"

Goooood morning!

Good morning America! Well, it seems as if we made it through national tea bag day. The Conservative anchors of Fox News preached doom and despair for weeks leading up to this totally spontaneous, unadvertised FNC Tax Day "revolution", but at the end of the day it was still spring and the Obama's still had a new puppy, so all was well.

Thats really all I've got right now, it is early and I've been up a while doing important things with other important people on important message boards.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So were getting back up

Ring's post had to happen, Maggard is a douche. But as it brought in HUGE ratings (over 500 hits on the story, on a blog that has been more or less extinct for 2 months), I think it is a sign that God is calling me to pick it back up. So tomorrow expect a wrap up of some of the most ridic happenings at the Tea Party Cluster Fucks hosted by fox news. Get ready to learn things about fascism that you knever knew. I wont go into it now because the ambien has been making me loopy, but just remember we are BACK!

Maggard throws a fit

I thought you'd enjoy the text message
conversation a friend (we will call him BigBlueMember) of mine shared with Maggard earlier today. He posted some bs on
his facebook page about KSR and BigBlueMember responded back how his site is just
a rumor mill and used the examples of completely false information he
posted on TBK. Anyway, long
story short, BBM was talking to him a while back and Faggard gave BBM his
number because he was trying to convince BBM to swing the other way.  BBM refused, and saved the number for another day when it could be used for good instead of actually hanging out with Mag-dawg.  And that day is today.

Shortly after BBM posted those comments, he noticed Mag-Dog "defriended" him on
facebook. After BigBlueMember remembered he wasn't a middle school girl, he began to text Mark with a C.
Marc:   I'm not interested in you opinion of me reporting rumor on my fb
page...especially when I clearly say they are rumors

BBM:     sounds like you handle criticism honorably...a very important
trait for individuals in your line of work...ill be sure to cancel my
membership to tbk promptly

Marc:   Fuck off dude.  I got no patience for stupid and my Facebook
accout isn't the place for you arguments.  I've already banned u so no
need to worry bout it

BBM:     oknow that were not friends anymore and ur opinion of me is
irrelevant,i havta ask one thing...are you a gay? there hav been
rumors and my sources hav confirmed

Marc:   Nice.  Like I give a fuck what some punk kid says.  And u don't
have a membership at TBK, so spare me.  And u know where I live if u
are that brave.

BBM:     are you there right now?

Marc:   Yes I am

Marc:   I'll be happy to wait for u

BBM:     i wouldnt wanna mess up your frosty tips...you worked hard on those things

Marc:   Yeah... That's what I figured.  Your type is tough over the
Internet but a pussy in real life.

BBM:     are u serious about fighting? i was sorta juss gettin you worked
up for my entertainment earlier but im not afriad to fuck with a 40 yr
old obease homosexual

Marc:   Then come on....

Marc:   And won't ever get me  worked up... I deal with punks like u daily.

BBM:     ever stop to think maybe ur the punk and not us? chargin ppl money
for info they could have found on catspause or ksr the day before for

Marc:   Dude, ur shit is old and lame.  Come say it in person or shut
the fuck up...

Marc:   Whatever... Pussy

BBM:     ok macho man..next time im in nashville ill gladly take u up on
the offer..until then, keep up the honest journalism

So yes, you read that right. Maggard is currently waiting for a college kid to
appear at his doorstep.

And Matt Jones is the pathetic one.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009


So the Cats came out flat, but Patterson, Meeks, and Miller pulled us through with a STONG second half and tomorrow we ger our shot at the NCAA toruney. Of course nothing will be for sure until sunday night, but a 21 win UK team with wins over UT, Florida, and LSU is tough to keep out. A win tomorrow may propel us to an SEC tourney championship. Lets hope so. But I wouldn't bet on this team.

Anyway, Jodie had a good 25 points and Patrick had 15 and once again owned the glass pulling down 14 boards. The story of the game was D. Miller, who came in and really sparked the teams play in the second half, scoring a dozen and finally playing up to the potential he has shown all season long. It was a good effort, and one can only hope they play this well tomorrow after noon. More as the day goes along.

One last note, Jodie Meeks is 10 points shy of 800 for the season, and will almost assuredly get it tomorrow against the Tigers. I'll have more on how rare this is later.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Focus (Aftermath Producer)

this dude is producin some crazy shit these days

heres a couple homages he did. one to preem. one to dilla.

Homage to Premier feat. Royce da 5'9", Phonte (of Little Brother), & Stat Quo

Homage to Dilla feat. Frank Nitty (of Frank N Dank), Illa J, Baatin, & T3

Yancey Boys (Instrumentals)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So whats up?

I'm glad to provide you all with the Raekwon track below, everyone needs to check it out. I've been ignoring this for a while, I apologize. I'll be getting back into it tomorrow, and will be doing regular posts through the SEC tourney to get back into the swing of things. The UK coaching seat is ehating up, so its going to be an intense month.

Get ready.

Wu Tang is forever.

So is UK basketball.

Raekwon track, off Blood on Chef's Apron, out May 2

Letter to BIG

Rae just dropped it on Twitter


Monday, March 2, 2009


Another lul in posts. My bad. This more than makes up for it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Profile of a legend: Immortal Technique

What's happening, folks? This is Alex, and I'm here to let y'all know about one of my favorite rappers, Immortal Technique. Many of his lyrics include his personal political views, which are mainly against Capitalism. If that's not your kinda thing, it doesn't matter, because the way this man flows is unbeatable by many, only attained by some like J-Dilla....

One of my favorite videos demonstrating this is here.

"Dance with the devil- Immortal technique"

If you don't think this is good, then you are fucked up.

Another demonstrating his insane way of flowing is this...

"Point of no return- Immortal Technique"

He often shows his sometimes scary love of the Islamic method of worship/ways of life.

All in all, his style and sheer ability to express himself tops almost any rapper i've ever heard, and I'm sure Ezzy would agree with me. Good shit, seriously.

Monday, February 23, 2009

jaydolf spitler, rap hitler, one man militia

hailing from NOLA, here is the best pure mc in hip hop. mic presence, flow, lyrical content, rhyme structure, beat selection, etc. -- all off the charts. and, he can do any style. listen to the man. he is absolutely worth your time.

"i spit that, wonderama shit / me and my conglomerates, shall remain anonymous / caught up in the finer shit / get that type of media coverage obama get / spit that kurt vonnegut / that blow your brain kurt cobain, that nirvana shit"

"its the vivid memoirs of an obnoxious slave / i pave ways like nat and harriet / ill blast on judas iscariot and peel off in the chariot"

"every page of my poetrys like a rhyme from the clip / the mic is always in my holster right on top of my hip"

transformations exhibit a [prod. just blaze] (just dope)

so what you sayin? [prod. dilla] (three ridiculous verses)

when the levees broke [prod. jay elect & mike chav] (a story about a story)

King Sized Canary

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I guess CREAM does rule the spot...

but I wish it hadn't happened to Outkast

Happy hootie hoo day everyone

Latest DJ Ezzy project

Short drumloop, really the whole song would be this looped.


(C) 2009 DJ Ezzy Recordings, all rights reserved

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

ron paul & alan grayson

ron really layin wood to america on cnn american morning [2/16]

new congressman, alan grayson (D-FL), grillin vice chairman of the federal reserve, don kohn [1/13]

black milk let it knock

black milk > your favorite producer

Afro Samurai

Check it out, shit is dope.

As is The RZA's soundtrack.

Take Sword Pt. 1 (ft. Berett 9)\


I've asked this before...

But really, why try and test the Rebel INS?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This weather sucks...

The weather here changes more quickly than Ruby Tuesday's stock value (in this case, falling)

If its going to be warm, be warm. If its going to be cold, be cold.

But dammit.

Stop literally jumping back and forth. I know this is just how the weather is in East Tennessee, but that doesn't mean I can't hope for change. I did vote for Obama after all.

Besides, I thought global warming was supposed to fix this shit anyway?

Anyway, I just thought about all this after I came across pictures of Knoxville from a snowy day in December.

Check out The Sunsphere Is Not A Wigshop if you're ever in the mood for good down home opinion, Knoxville style.

So I guess all that just inspired me to post some pictures of Maryville from the last batch of white stuff God the Chef cooked up.

I'll be posting the others as soon as I can find them on my hard drive. Its so crowded you would think... well, never mind, that isn't appropriate.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

this is real

Evidently the rumor is that said Zane is in fact an Arizna basketball player. In truth, this is 420 Chambers fan trying to win Zane's eternal love.

Deadspin needs to get its shit straight

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yo, I gotta cop that purple tape god!

So as many of you all know, I (and every other hip hop fan ever in the world) am eagerly awaiting the release of Raekwon's "Only Built for Cuban Linx... 2". But I know that many of you loyal 420 members subscribe to the idea that rap on the radio today is far superior to rap of 15 years ago, and have no idea who the fuck Raekwon even is. Well, I plan on solving that. It's time I introduce to the world to the man who single handedly is responsible for the "mafioso" sub-genre of hip hop. The sad fact is that as this generation became convinced Jay-Z was the greatest rapper alive, they also accepted that the classic Reasonable Doubt is the finest example of mafioso rap from the golden age. The fact is, when the two albums dropped in 1995, is was clear to all that OB4CL was the best. In fact, it wasn't even close. OB4CL was immediately recognized as a masterpiece, as cinematic as an album could be, with characters and story lines and it flowed together in a way that no album has before or sense. You literally heard a movie.

It comes as no suprise that once it dropped, everyone had to get a copy. Raekwon, knowing how dope the joint was, used his shrewd marketing skills gained from years of cooking and selling crack to mark his album in a way that would immediately identify it as his. The media standard of the era was of course the cassette tape, and Rae decided that the tape would be purple, rather than the clear or black norm. This caused the album to become more than "Raekwon's Album" or "Cuban Linx". No, it needed no name, and over the years that has stayed the same as any hip hop fan will immediately know what you mean when you say "Purple Tape".

This leads me to today. I am on somewhat of a quest to attain my own copy of said Purple Tape, and I began on ebay. Often times ebay is the only place to find something such as a cassette tape or VHS in our digital world, and it proved to be the easiest place to find this. The only catch?

Well just see for youself.

That is right. A tape that was released 14 years ago finds an ebay value of $46 6 days before the auction even ends. On a DEAD media no less. The genius wasn't in what it would do for the albums vibe when it came out, Raekwons decission to go 'urple has made it an indisputable collectors item. I MUST HAVE ONE. In celebration of this I will record my spiritual journey to finding my own Purple Tape, post it here for all to see. This weekend is Raekwon weekend, so get ready to party motherfuckers.

Cappadonna getting mad high in an interview

More Dave...

Just watch.

I'm a big Joaquin fan, and he is a huge Wu Tang fan. But this is terrible, somebody was smoking bones in the staircase before they came out.

Ron Paul blows a load in Fox News' face

David Letterman=Bad ass

I love Leno, and hate that he is retiring, but he absolutely doesn't fuck with his guests like Dave does.

I just wanted to share this comment, which was the most recent comment when I viewed the video. If you go to the site you should see or at least find my response:

"she just was drunk and drive anybody was did it sometime? the diference is just that he was stop by the police so what she show a lot of education because she never make an upset answer she´s a ladie"


Its Dilla Day Everyday

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a recap of Jodie Meeks playing God again

Check out the 3 florida douchebags sitting on the first rwo, fucking attention whores. Gotta love the skank going sleeveless with the jersey and the slut who keeps making faces and saying hi to her parents.

Super Obama World

Level Completion We Can Believe In.

I don't know how long this has been out, but it is AWESOME.

Thanks to The Technical One for the find. Only the best come to Wu Corp.

Kaze Freestyle at 7-City Cipher Lounge

one of my favorite mcs o.a.t. just got signed to universal records subsidiary, src records so hopefully he'll blow up like he deserves.

his first album was nothing short of strait fuckin classic but he only made like $10.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

J Dilla Memorial Day

"The cause of death for James Dewitt Yancey-a.k.a. Jay Dee and J Dilla-has been reported as both kidney failure and cardiac arrest, apparently brought on by lupus, from which he suffered for several years. According to the Lupus Research Institute (LRI), lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system-normally our natural defense against disease-becomes overactive and forms antibodies that attack and damage different organs and tissues such as the skin, brain, heart, lungs, blood and kidneys. One in three lupus patients has kidney disease, and heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among people with lupus. According to the Lupus Research Institute, nine in ten lupus patients are women-J Dilla had the misfortune of being one of the one in 10 lupus sufferers who are male. Sadly, he only survived for three years past his diagnosis."

Visit the site and learn more, we can all help.

RIP J Dilla

From 2dopeboyz.com:

"Today marks the three year anniversary of the passing of one of hip hops most talented producers, James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla. In the clip above Elzhi, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson & Buff1talk to Hip Hop Official about what Dilla meant to their city and hip hop as a whole."

J Dilla was a true gem in the hip hop world, and unfortunately one that never really got to shine in the mainstream due to the fact that he was actually talented. His loss is one that we will never be able to measure. Rest in peace.

Also, Nero sent this to 2DopeBoyz this morning. A track he recorded over one of Dilla's finest beats. Enjoy.


You frontin on us?

I didn't think so.  

What up, 420 Nation?  The name's Ring, Ring Lardner to be exact.  My main man Ezzy called me in to liven the site up a bit.  Evidently he wants someone who hasn't had their faith in humanity ruined by unbearable faggotry.  I'm not really sure what he's talking about, but I guess I'll have that revealed when I'm ready/have posted enough.  Its sort of like being a Mormon.

But to stay with the theme of making an actual post, I want to talk about the greatness of the picture Ezzy posted last night.  Is there a word for that other than brilliant?  If you were to ask me, "Ring, if you had to explain America to an Alien from Planet X, what would you tell them about first?", my answer would be easy.  I would tell them of George Washington leading the revolutionaries into battle on the back of his triceratops, as Angels flew on the backs of Pterodactyls and destroyed the Empire's ultimate WMD, the Death Star.  I would of course share with them the timeless tales of heroism, such as Robocop defeating Darth Vader and Emperor Bin Laden by remembering the lessons he learned from his fallen Jedi Master, Steve Irwin.  And I would teach them about the melting pot of cultures our great nation has always been, welcoming Christians, Jews, Muslims, Africans, Asians, Supermen, Aquamen, X Men, and other non-gays with open arms.  And I would only be scratching the surface.  In order for someone to truly understand America, they would not only have to hear the stories and see the picture, they would have to watch Indiana Jones, The Godfather, and The Muppet's.  And probably The Sopranos, too.

That, my friends, is what America means to me.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lil Wayne tries to one up Big Baby Jesus

by bringing several children, mothers, and whatever else he brought on stage. It was pretty hood, Ill find a video. Just an example of why people think hip hop is stupid.

This doesn't make up for the giant shit taken on music tonight...

But it is a much better performance than anything you've seen tonight.

As I speak, JT is playing on stage with a scarf and coat on. I guess its cold outside. In LA. Stop Grammys, please! Don't do this to us!

Nothin big

Has anyone else noticed that all of a sudden parents and adults in general are invading facebook? Its like they united to do it all in one massive wave. Idk, just seems odd. Not that it matters.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lots of people do think Lil Wayne is the Greatest Rapper alive

Of course a lot of people believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and even more people voted for Sarah Palin. Saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive is like saying McDonalds is better than Ruth's Chris. On one hand you a restaraunt who can produce things as quickly as possible. On the other, you have a restaraunt that serves but a fraction of the items, though the meat is of incredibly higher quality and is prepared individually and by hand. In hip hop, you have Lil Wayne, who produces dozens of mixtapes a year, just going into the studio and rhyming bullshit words, often times with themselves, and never sitting down to actually write a well thought out and meaningful verse. I would prefer a song with plenty of meaning, complex rhyme schemes, and a display of intelligence to one that is just about money and strippers. But thats just me, and I realize our generation is full of idiots. I'll post a couple videos, we will see who has the most talent.

Chalk-full of shit

Zane gets crazy, I get money. You get money, You get crazy. I'm chalk full of 'em. 7:06pm

Little does he know that isn't even the expression. Unless of course he is referring to being full of chalk, therefore making him able to use his own pencil dick when writing on a blackboard or sidewalk. It still doesn't make sense, as money has nothing to do with chalk. I'm calling bullshit on this one. Chock full of shitty rap lines, maybe?

Best Story of the Year

Patrick Thibodeau, the Greely High boys' basketball team manager who has Down's syndrome, got the chance of his young life Tuesday when he played a few minutes in the Rangers' final home game against Gray-New Gloucester on Parents' Night.

Thibodeau hit a pair of 3-point shots, one early in the game and the other late. The night was additionally special for Patrick as his father, Perry, the longtime team statistician, attended after suffering a stroke two weeks ago.

Just for everyone out there who wondered how to make crack...

A friend and I were wondering the other day, and I decided that if I found out I would post it on here. So from One Man's Blog, here are instructions on how to make crack. Details are better on his site, and they include pics. I just didn't want to jack his post completely. It's not like you need detailed directions anyway. Or do you...?

Materials Required: Cocaine powder, teaspoon, measuring cup, pan, baking soda.
Pour about an ounce of cocaine in the measuring cup.
Add about a teaspoon of baking soda.
Fill with about 3/4 cup of water.
Pour the mixture into the pan.
The mixture will start to bubble. Get a knife and flatten the bubbles.
Continue to flatten the mixture while cooking it.
Continue to flatten the mixture while cooking it.
Cook it until it is solid white.
Continue to cook it until it is solid white.
Place the solid form of cocaine on a towel or napkin to drain.
Place rocks in freezer for 15-20 minutes.
Place rocks in freezer for 15-20 minutes.
Congratulations you have successfully made crack cocaine.

Well that was easy...

Just a note...

In addition to the other Zane-y happenings of the weekend, I wanted to take a minute to discuss what really matters.

It has become increasingly evident that Only Built For Cuban Linx... 2 will in fact happen. There have been a flurry of leaks recently, including Criminology 2, which should excite any hip hop fan enough to make them shit themselves. I for one never thought it would happen, much less come out and re-establish the Wu on top of the hip hop game.

But I might be wrong. Everything i have seen and heard suggests this album is going to be one of the top releases of 2009, with star studded guest spots and truly inspired efforts from the entire clan for the first time in ages.

What I am most excited about is the rumor that GZA and Inspectah Deck will be the co-stars this time around. Ghost will still play an improtant part in the album, I'm sure, but the fact is that Deck and Genius are two of the greatest MC's of all time, and the idea that they may be able to shine on the years biggest release is almost too much to handle.

I'll have more posted on this as it comes in, as will Jesus I'm sure. But keep your eyes and ears open...shit is about to get real in hip hop. Looks like Rae is about to stick up the game once again.

April 7

He really doesn't care guys...

Thats exactly why he commented on my post regarding his tendency to fall for dyke girls to easily at 6 A.M. Not only that, but he cared enough to delete what he had posted. Maybe I'm just wrong, but someone who doesn't care, also isn't on the site at 6 AM posting and deleting his comments.

Just easing the tension...

With a classic video. This was only released in New York, and replaced by a version that is less offensive to asians. ODB, best that ever did it. Some call him the Zane Winders of rap...ok, sorry, that was mean. ODB's legacy doesn't deserve that.

I really don't care (as I check my facebook and update my status at 1:30 in the morning)

Zane probably doesn't care what you think. Contrary ro your own opinion lol. 1:34am

Of course you don't care! Which is exactly why you took the time to update your status from your phone... Weird.

I would like to thank Zane for the added publicity. Even after a week plus away from paying regular attention to the blog, we are well on our way to setting a one day visitor record here on 420 Chambers!

Official Zane Weekend

Well everyone, to make up for my lack of posts and to respond to Zane's bitch-ass antics, I'm declaring this Zane Winder's Weekend here on 420 Chambers. As of this second I cannot get to his facebook, but that should be solved within the hour and the post marathon will be on. There may be guest posts as well, so make sure the check back as often as possible!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zane's 25 random things

So get ready for this, he has given us a list of 25 things about him and we're going to debut them one by one whenever zane news is slow.

14. I fall for dyke girls way too easily...

Puttin' the pussy on a pedastal! What a pussy lipped bitch.

girl talk

****Im typing all of this on sleeping pills about to pass out, I just wanted to get it done before I fell asleep. Redo tomorrow.

Zane is just glad someone cares enough about me to write so much! Love me or hate me. Just ask yourself. Do you really matter? 12:46am

Lol, I love the classic douche move of using lil wayne references, like Love me or hate me, wasn't that played out 6 months ago? If he really wants to do this I'm happy to rap battle his ginger ass.

The results are in...and yes, I do! Do you though? That is the question... There will be a poll up in the morning for the readers to decide.

Either way, Zane has agreed to do an interview, although I cannot promise it will be a success. Probably just us arguing. Ill have it posted in the next couple days. Oh, I almost forgot...

He plans to sign his LOI live-online with the 420 Chambers team! Thanks Zane, can't wait to see who the lucky team is.\\

Good news, we made Zane's list of dislikes!

Shit-Talkers online

Yes We Can!

Bring it on bitch.

Zane has tossed down the gauntlet. Everyone's favorite bad youth band singer/"quarterback reject" has decided he wants to talk shit. He says I need a life other than blogging about him and drinking myself to death. Well dumbass, first of all I don't drink anymore. Haven't for a couple months actually. It is not that I see anything wrong with it or think an imaginary God has deemed it evil. I just didn't like the shitty feeling.

Now for someone who everyday feels the need to tell us what is going on in his athletic life, takes picture of himself looking like a hard ass in the mirror and puts them on the internet, and is a general pussy at life it might suprise you that he is laughing at me. One would believe that he would in fact be laughing at his own faggotry instead of how pathetic I am. Further more, he should note that the public has spoken and feels that he is in fact the one to be laughed at (to the tune of 300+ hits for the average Zane post).

In the end, he has only brought more attention to the sight and his actions. While at the end of the day my posts may be nothing more than hateful, bitchy opinions, the fact that he found the site by GOOGLING himself only validates everything that I have posted. Our intent all along is to rid the world of douchebaggery one douche at a time, and he now will draw the full wrath of the site.

Thanks Zane, you really make all of this too easy.

You should know I count many "friends" of yours among my most loyal readers.

Post more pics asap! I need some more material!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Also this...

From November, this Raekwon interview pretty rad.

That is right...Raekwon wrote a BOOK. Should be a masterpiece.

Raekwon being...well, Raekwon

Cuban Linx 2 track list rumored in the next 2 weeks.

So we finally get acknowledged

It appears Zane now knows about our wonderful site. Thanks for being a good sport Zane, besides, you put all of it on the internet.

So a day has passed...

And we still have no word on Zane's college football decision. Word in some circles (expert cirlces) is that his decision will likely change the overall recruiting rankings. If he were to become a Scot, they would jump from roughly the 4,000th best recruiting class, all the way to number one. At least thats what he has been telling people.

Odds are he will announce on his facebook status, so we will have the coverage.

Speaking of Zane Status', we have a lot of make up work to do, including a couple of NOTES he posted. Stay tuned, sorry for the break. Not knowing where Zane will play caused sever lack of sleep and the doctor ordered that I rest. But thats over, and we now have round the clock Zane Watch!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Terrence Boyd

is a Oregonn State Beaver. I called it earlier this week when he announced he was visiting. Obama might just win them a couple nat'l championnships. I'm pulling for them.

A fucking great thing to have

Best video ever


Hell Yeah feat. Fat Ray

"ask, if you niggas ask me, its the norm hearin guns blast seein niggas layin where the grass be." - black

The Matrix feat Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, And DJ Premier

"like... pant legs around the ankles of hipsterssss, im tight." - pharoahe LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So I'm Slacking

But fuck it.

So once again we return to the Zaney world of high school sports and D-III recruiting battles.

"Zane is seriously? Quarterback reject!? Real mature alcoa. lol."

After I asked what the fuck those bitches said, and another Zane fan asked if they had won, Zane responded with boastful humor:

"haha by 40[*my edit* score (61-35)] drew. ya they got on me cause they do that... step step step step step step sit down! thing when you get subbed for. I fake sat down and they screwed up lol so they started yellin quarterback reject lol quite funny actually."

And while the biggest news in that status is that 61-35 no longer equals 26, now equaling 40. But that isn't what you want to hear about. The most impressive part is his ability to out-think alcoa's student section with the classic fake sitdown! Laugh out loud, that is actually quite funny Zane...if you're this guy

Or better yet, this guy

Another Zane fan, Dan Moyers, evidently lives to suck Zane's cock. "u threw nearly as many TD's as chase did. I'm not so sure he would start over you at MHS, soooo....", Moyers quipped. While not really smarter than your average high school fag, he is however enough of an expert to say that Alcoa's quarterback wasn't nearly as good as Zane, even though he did manage to actually play and not fuck up the school's string of state championships.

The level of faggotry in the post only gets worse, though it is less remarkable, just stupid. Zane says he just thought it was funny, and after a short pause "laughs out loud".

I threw out the baiting comment of "Alcoa=Fail", which recieved responses ranging from "preach it", to "=Epic Fail".

The best part of the last one is that Moyers' picture appeared directly to the left of it, so it looked sort of like this.

=Epic Fail

In other news, Zane is visiting Centre today, even though he claims he doesn't want to. I'm sure his opinion will change once he picks up a football lanyard at the bookstore that will give him endless opportunities to bring up his "recruitment". Nice Zane.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just a video

Pete Rock/RZA beat...enough said.

Classic Post

I am already calling it.

Breaking Zane News

Not sure what it means but this is Zane's status, posted 11:13 PM EST.

"Zane is seriously? Quarterback reject!? Real mature alcoa. lol."

A cypher if there ever was one. It certainly is ridiculous for Alcoa to call him a quarterback reject, considering his Dad started a football team so he and his brother could both play QB at MHS. Who cares that there were 3 people ahead of him his senior year, and none of them could manage to sustain Maryville's recent level of success. Either way, Alcoa might wan't to reconsider fucking with a soul-less ginger.

We will update as soon as information comes in.


This isn't related to the current "Zaney" (get it?) crisis, but it has been determined that Zane recieved Morning School because he "screwed up the admit sheet". He proceeded to diss attendance policy, calling it a "bitch". In short, he got morning school for being a dumbass, not a badass. But he still looks cool in facebook pictures.

No word yet on Attendance Policy's response.

Sorry to keep coming back to this

But this review of Guitar Praise deserves special attention. I paid it some attention in my initial post on the subject, and after re-reading I feel compelled to make my feelings known.


Hallelujah Thank You God for this game finally its what ive been waiting for!!!
Andy (Shady Spring West Virginia) 11/27/08 12:31 AM

"I was in a Christian book store today and found this game i thought it was just like a little kids play guiter with music built in the guitar like something fisher-price might sell, "at first thats what i thought", because i didnt think a game like guitar hero and rock band (which i thoroughly HATE with a passion) i didnt think a game like gh and rb would ever come out in completely Christian music songs version. I remember the first guitar hero that came out i saw someone play a demo in a game store, i "Thought" this is a cool game but when i saw the lineup of artists and songs, i was like well so much for this, its not going to come in my house. Period. . I was hoping that an all Christian Guitar Hero would come out for Christains who love the Lord like praise and worship leaders, youthgroup leaders, and me. But since Christain music is not as popular as secular rock and roll, niether is anything that promotes Jesus (for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat) I thought there would never be a guitar hero out with all christian music, and i know this is not made by the same company that makes guitar hero or rock band, because they are too busy promoting satanic rotten disgusting lyrics in the songs in their games. THANK YOU Digital Praise for comeing out with this game, I LOVE IT i was so excited when i found out it was the same concept as gh but only had Christian music, i was smiling ear to ear."

The most obvious problem with this is that they have no understanding of basic sentence structure. The first sentence contains over 70 words! I know it's the Internet and people don't worry about using perfect grammar, neither do I. I also realize the person reviewing the steaming pile of shit these people call a video game is from West Virginia, and therefore we shouldn't expect him to be able to read. That he managed to write a 70 word sentence is truly amazing. But he just continues to do things don't make any sense. He has no idea what a quotation mark is for. The man fills his heart with hate for...video games? That is just insane and completely opposes the teachings of Christ. But despite that, Andy goes on to say that this game is only for people who love the lord as much as he and youth, music, and worship leaders do. Further, he claims that Christian music is not as popular as secular music because it promotes Christ. This might be the most offensive and idiotic thing he says, because it takes about 5 minutes of listening to a christian rock station to realize Christians will buy anything(just like this), and it takes exactly zero skill to become a famous christian artist. He is right in his assertion that this is not made by the same company that made Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but he is wrong in suggesting that their motivation is to promote "satanic rotten disgusting lyrics in the songs in their games." They use the songs in their games because the songs aren't shitty.

Sorry, I know you all knew that stuff. It just really pisses me off that the church has been able to manipulate the dumbest among us. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Pretty much the same reason Guitar Hero didn't include christian music.

Rock Out With Your Cross Out!

More wild and crazy Christians!

"I'm so glad that me and my little ones can finally rock out totally awesome-style with the praise of God in our hearts. None of that Satanic meaningless dribble like in those secular Guitar "Hero"(I put that in quotations because Jesus is the only hero...ever). My kids have been begging me for one of those Rock Band games but I told them"Unless a song is about praise and worship of our lord, I don't it in my house" Because as everyone knows, if a song isn't about God or Jesus, it's about worshiping Satan. My son tried to argue that a lot of secular songs are about personal feelings or deep thought and thats when I knew I'd have to set him straight. Now that he got his hands on Guitar Praise he can totally rock out without sinning."

Those are gonna be some fucked up kids. My biggest problem with all of this is that I haven't been able to make millions yet. All you have to do is find a popular product that regular people like, and make a shittier version with the word "Christian" on it somewhere. South Park did this a while back, and NEVER has it been more true.

Geekologie has a great review.

"It's available for pre-order now, but that's not what Jesus would do. Jesus would wait to read some reviews and then steal it from Wal-Mart. Trust me, I went to Sunday school."

I agree. He would then upload the program files and make them available to everyone as a torrent. And I not only went to Sunday School, I was also invited to speak at Maryville Middle School's FCA a few years ago. In case you were wondering, I spoke about hot and spicy chicken sticks.

still crooked

not usually into this style n sound but crooked is unfuckinbelievable.

crooked i -- crooked he go hard

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zane hates morning school!

Not really relevant, but still cooler than Zane.

Finally the much anticipated answer to a question that has had the whole world talking. Many said he loved it, as it was a chance to wear a football t-shirt in front of kids he doesn't usually see. That wasn't the case, and those who said he hated it celebrate an evening of vindication.. I feel your pain man. I always prefered ISD myself. But then again I wasn't an arrogant douche and the teacher didn't fucking hate me.

What its like to live in NJ

Guido's unite.

Jesus Christ...

I mean for fuck's sake people.

We really need a Christian guitar hero? Evidently we do, according to this mom.

Stephanie (Miami, OK) 1/8/09 6:27 PM
I am so thankful for your company. Upon hearing about these guitar games, I went onto pluggedonline.com. In reading the review of GH3, I learned that ultimately, you are performing for Satan himself. I had a hard time believing this as most of my Christain friend have this game for their kids. I still tried it out at the store and fell in love with the guitar experience. Compromise was about to set in. Praise God that a friend told me about your product! I purchased it as a gift for my 11 yo and myself. I have had so much fun with this and have seriously thanked the Lord that someone came up with this. But....WHERE ARE THE EXPANSION PACKS?!?!? I need more!!!!

That is right. Playing Guitar Hero is performing for Satan himself. I wish I had known that before I played as GOD you dumb bitch.


This is too good. Im posting all the comments.

*This is completely insane. You can't prove or justify something by saying it repeatedly.*

*This next one is the enlish language's equivalent to a failed abortion*

I was in a Christian book store today and found this game i thought it was just like a little kids play guiter with music built in the guitar like something fisher-price might sell, "at first thats what i thought", because i didnt think a game like guitar hero and rock band (which i thoroughly HATE with a passion) i didnt think a game like gh and rb would ever come out in completely Christian music songs version. I remember the first guitar hero that came out i saw someone play a demo in a game store, i "Thought" this is a cool game but when i saw the lineup of artists and songs, i was like well so much for this, its not going to come in my house. Period. . I was hoping that an all Christian Guitar Hero would come out for Christains who love the Lord like praise and worship leaders, youthgroup leaders, and me. But since Christain music is not as popular as secular rock and roll, niether is anything that promotes Jesus (for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat) I thought there would never be a guitar hero out with all christian music, and i know this is not made by the same company that makes guitar hero or rock band, because they are too busy promoting satanic rotten disgusting lyrics in the songs in their games. THANK YOU Digital Praise for comeing out with this game, I LOVE IT i was so excited when i found out it was the same concept as gh but only had Christian music, i was smiling ear to ear.

Guitar Praise Rocks (for real)
Aaron (New Mexico) 1/7/09 6:29 AM
I loved the game. I was worried that the game would not be as fun or as well made as rockband and guitar hero because of '70's words on the box such as: solid rock and other words that old people think that our new digital generation uses. However, I was very impressed by the bulk of the game. The game has customization options, guitars that you can earn, and a much nicer announcer and crowd who don't dash your dreams of becoming a rock star with the dreaded "You Failed", followed by booing and mild comic violence. Some of the more advanced songs, on expert, are too fast for me to play at my current skill level. The game does not register a correctly played note when multiple frets are depressed. For example if you are playing a solo on a real guitar you can have more than one finger on a single string but only the highest note will be played. A tapping feature, where fast notes will be accepted as correctly played notes when tapped in sequence, without strumming each note, would make the insane solos more playable. Another small game detail: The marketing reps should have talked to the actual kids who would be playing the game about the kind of words that they use to describe rock. The announcer also sounds more like a pastor than a rockstar. I can tell that they ment well, but they need to do some more research on the little things to make this game even better than rockband and guitar hero. Overall, the gameplay is great and the plethora of songs from the best Christian music artists pretty much rocked my face off and caused me to do some pretty wild rock moves which I probably could never repeat.

Great game
Ryan (Pico Rivera, CA) 1/3/09 10:40 PM
I have always liked the Guitar Hero / Rock Band games, but could never really fully get into them because of the secular music and some demonic graphics. I have been waiting for a Christian version for what seems like forever. My wife new that and decided to surprise me with this for Christmas. Wow, I love it. We've been playing to the wee hours of the nights while the babies are asleep. My father in law has also taken a liking to the game and is playing it as I type this. I can't wait for the next expansion pack. Thank you Digital Praise.

Awesome Game!
jmm (Ohio) 1/3/09 2:20 PM
Thank you for making this game! It's great and i love the fact that it's for the PC and doesn't require a video game system. LOVE the music except for the 80's rock stuff and can't wait for some expansion packs!! Keep up the good work of "Praising God Through Interactive Media".


Then there is this blog post. This is crazy, people.

Norm is such a bad ass

crooked i


Freestyle (wake up show) - Crooked i

You Must Get This Album

So anyone who has ever read this blog at all knows Indie music is not a big deal. Hip hop is our personal flavor of choice, and that will always be the case. This is the exception to the rule.

I can safely say that Liquid Swords and Enter the 36 Chambers were the first two albums that captivated me. Something about the sounds and ideas coming out of those two records just struck me unlike anything I had ever heard. Maybe it was because I was introduced to them in the dead of winter (when the RZA has said they were meant to be heard), or maybe it was because I was just really stoned (Which is the way the RZA said they were meant to be heard), but they swept me up in their cinematics and imagery and I have been a Wu-Stan ever since.

Now keep in mind, I have never been an indie music fan. Even in the Pre-Wu era of my life I pretty much stayed to rap, and bands in the mainstream like matchbox TWENTY and RHCP. But I picked up an eMusic card one day at Circuit City just to check it out, I figure ten dollars for 20 songs cannot go wrong. So I of course got on and bought a couple Wu songs from mixtapes, and picked up some stuff from other artists I respect, like Blu. But I was somewhat haunted by the accusation my friend had made a few days before that I didn't listen to any music made by white people. He wasn't really wrong, I am after all a huge supporter of WDVX and feel that it is the pinnacle of what a radio station should be. Nothing is more fun than stopping by the studios to catch a Blue Plate, or simply relaxing to the haunting and moving sounds that the harmonies of bluegrass provide. So after I decided to get some white people music, I picked out 5 or 6 tracks from the pickin on series, just to hear the refreshing sound bluegrass artist can give to a song. All was well, each song was enjoyed. So I started digging deeper into the darkness that is choosing good indie music, and as I sorted through playlist after play list, I kept noticing one album popping to the top: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, by a band called Neutral Milk Hotel.

Now while I am no expert or even casual listener of this style of music, I did find it odd that I had never heard of this. After all, I was familiar with OK Computer, the only album that came close to recieving the praise that Aeroplane did. So of course, I check it our. Picking randomly I play the clips of a few song and download two of them, In The Aeroplane Over the Sea, and Holland, 1945. So I transfer the files to my iTunes, as always, and leave them for a couple days. Sure I listen to some Decemberists and Death Cab every now and then, everyone needs to feel genuine emotional pain from music every now and then. I feel like that is one thing that helps keep us grounded in reality. But those instances are few and far between for me, at least they were at the time. A couple days later I finally got around to listening to the tracks, and I was simply blown away. The music is simple but at the same time complicated on a level I'm not sure I'll ever be able to understand. Holland, 1945 was the first one that grabbed my attention. The song is played at a frantic pace that grabs your attention only to immediately yield to Jeff Magnum's song writing. I can't describe the song, or even begin to choose what line is my favorite, so I'm just going to post the whole thing

The only girl I've ever loved
Was born with roses in her eyes
But then they buried her alive
One evening 1945
With just her sister at her side
And only weeks before the guns
All came and rained on everyone
Now she's a little boy in Spain
Playing pianos filled with flames
On empty rings around the sun
All sing to say my dream has come

But now we must pack up every piece
Of the life we used to love
Just to keep ourselves
At least enough to carry on

And now we ride the circus wheel
With your dark brother wrapped in white
Says it was good to be alive
But now he rides a comet's flame
And won't be coming back again
The Earth looks better from a star
That's right above from where you are
He didn't mean to make you cry
With sparks that ring and bullets fly
On empty rings around your heart
The world just screams and falls apart

But now we must pack up every piece
Of the life we used to love
Just to keep ourselves
At least enough to carry on

And here's where your mother sleeps
And here is the room where your brothers were born
Indentions in the sheets
Where their bodies once moved but don't move anymore
And it's so sad to see the world agree
That they'd rather see their faces fill with flies
All when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes

After I was slapped in the face by this haunting imagery and heartache, I was hooked and had to know more. So upon a quick google search I found out this album is itself as highly revered as any piece of music can be. I was not the only one who found it completely captivating. I immediately went and listened to the title track, and yet again could not turn myself away from the raw emotion and honesty the poured forth. The plain message of live life while you're young hit me with such urgency that I had to learn more, and hear the rest of this album.

A google or two later, I discovered the inspiration behind the masterpiece. It was indeed filled with heartache, anguish, love, hope, and loss that one would expect. The leader of the group, Jeff Magnum, had read the Diary of Anne Frank and he fell into deep despair upon reaching the inevitable conclussion.

And I read this, and for the next few weeks I listened to the album as somewhat of a tribute to the innocent girl who died 50+ years before Jeff got ahold of her diary. But as I listened more and more it dawned on me; this is no tribute. It is a love letter to Anne, a love letter from someone who never had the chance to express his feelings.

This is the only album that has ever been able to grab my attention like those original Wu-Albums. And as much as I love the Wu, there is no comparing the two. This album is entrancing, captivating in the truest sense. You want to know everything you can. People who hear this album form groups and start websites. It has the feel of War Era Europe and an ability to capture, if only for a moment, the way it must have felt. Even if this album were not full of beautiful writing and meaning, it would still stand out due to it's ability to stay with you. You find yourself singing these songs wherever you go. Perhaps that is because of the material, who knows. All I know is that after hearing this album I will never be the same. It hits a note deep within the listener that music should never reach. It is indie rock's Gloomy Sunday in that it scares you to hear the power that a person has conveyed through music. It is impossible to hear this album and not feel conflicted. On one hand the greatness leaves you grateful that you were one of the lucky few to have discovered this gem. But on the other, you listen to it with the knowledge that no music will ever be able to touch you on this level. In a way I believe this album finds people. If you arent ready for it, then you probably didn't read all of this. If you did, odds are you are here because of curiosity about an album you keep hearing about. Google albums to hear before you die. It wont take terribly long to figure out that this many people cannot be wrong.

I cannot sit here and describe to you how great this album is or what makes it that good. If I had that kind of talent I wouldn't be sitting here telling you about it. So forgive my ramblings above. Don't hold them against the album , give it a shot. In fact, give it a shot is not a strong enough endorsement. This album was the last music Jeff Magnum made. NMH broke up after the record, partially because of Jeff's breakdown. I think the fact that the man who made the album was practically destroyed by it says more about it's power than I ever could.

Download this. If you cant torrent I'll email it to you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peter Schiff -- Learn About Him

he will be looked back upon as an economic prophet when all his predictions play out. not only does he know what hes talking about, but he also has what lloyd christmas might call 'a rapist wit.'

please, just watch even if you dont care or understand some of the concepts because everything he says concerns you, personally.


this first video is fairly long but is pretty good intro to schiffs ideas. a couple things to note whilst viewing movie film:
1) note the date -- 8/26/2006!
2) note the dow -- over 11k (now under 8k)!
3) note the outright douchebaggery of art laffer -- "i'll bet you a penny!"
4) note peter's calm, direct delivery

back to the future...
1/10/2009 -- CNN

and lastly, a collection of peters trademark analogies (both comedic and informative!)

i counted 30 but w/e

So I've Gotta Give Johnny Mc. For This