Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Hip Hop

Moncell Allen has a new blog, and his frustratingly poor taste in hip hop artists inspired me to celebrate good music. I still think everyone should read his blog though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nike Witness Shirts- You will never own one

Many UK fans wondered where they could get one, this one asked. Thanks to UK D Shack for emailing Nike and answering the question via TCP.

"I appreciate you taking the time to email me about your interest in a special edition Meek Witness tee shirt. At this time the Nike 'Meek' Witness tee shirt was only produced for the UK basketball players and not sold at retail. This shirt along with other special mark-up tee shirts are specifically made for student athletes. As stated in an article on Kentuckysports.com - : "The shirts, which Nike produced for the UK team and athletic department personnel "within two-three-four days" of the game, will not be sold commercially, Newton said. The shirt has the word "Witness" on the front, borrowing the term of a LeBron James campaign. Nike also used the term for a campaign with Connecticut's women's team and Davidson's Stephen Curry-led NCAA Tournament run last year." In your behalf, I have passed your valuable feedback on to our collegiate team group for future consideration. Sorry for not being able to fulfill your request, but let me know if you have any other questions I can assist you with. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day! Sincerely, RuiNike PS: Go Wildcats!"

Goooood morning!

Good morning America! Well, it seems as if we made it through national tea bag day. The Conservative anchors of Fox News preached doom and despair for weeks leading up to this totally spontaneous, unadvertised FNC Tax Day "revolution", but at the end of the day it was still spring and the Obama's still had a new puppy, so all was well.

Thats really all I've got right now, it is early and I've been up a while doing important things with other important people on important message boards.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So were getting back up

Ring's post had to happen, Maggard is a douche. But as it brought in HUGE ratings (over 500 hits on the story, on a blog that has been more or less extinct for 2 months), I think it is a sign that God is calling me to pick it back up. So tomorrow expect a wrap up of some of the most ridic happenings at the Tea Party Cluster Fucks hosted by fox news. Get ready to learn things about fascism that you knever knew. I wont go into it now because the ambien has been making me loopy, but just remember we are BACK!

Maggard throws a fit

I thought you'd enjoy the text message
conversation a friend (we will call him BigBlueMember) of mine shared with Maggard earlier today. He posted some bs on
his facebook page about KSR and BigBlueMember responded back how his site is just
a rumor mill and used the examples of completely false information he
posted on TBK. Anyway, long
story short, BBM was talking to him a while back and Faggard gave BBM his
number because he was trying to convince BBM to swing the other way.  BBM refused, and saved the number for another day when it could be used for good instead of actually hanging out with Mag-dawg.  And that day is today.

Shortly after BBM posted those comments, he noticed Mag-Dog "defriended" him on
facebook. After BigBlueMember remembered he wasn't a middle school girl, he began to text Mark with a C.
Marc:   I'm not interested in you opinion of me reporting rumor on my fb
page...especially when I clearly say they are rumors

BBM:     sounds like you handle criticism honorably...a very important
trait for individuals in your line of work...ill be sure to cancel my
membership to tbk promptly

Marc:   Fuck off dude.  I got no patience for stupid and my Facebook
accout isn't the place for you arguments.  I've already banned u so no
need to worry bout it

BBM:     oknow that were not friends anymore and ur opinion of me is
irrelevant,i havta ask one thing...are you a gay? there hav been
rumors and my sources hav confirmed

Marc:   Nice.  Like I give a fuck what some punk kid says.  And u don't
have a membership at TBK, so spare me.  And u know where I live if u
are that brave.

BBM:     are you there right now?

Marc:   Yes I am

Marc:   I'll be happy to wait for u

BBM:     i wouldnt wanna mess up your frosty tips...you worked hard on those things

Marc:   Yeah... That's what I figured.  Your type is tough over the
Internet but a pussy in real life.

BBM:     are u serious about fighting? i was sorta juss gettin you worked
up for my entertainment earlier but im not afriad to fuck with a 40 yr
old obease homosexual

Marc:   Then come on....

Marc:   And won't ever get me  worked up... I deal with punks like u daily.

BBM:     ever stop to think maybe ur the punk and not us? chargin ppl money
for info they could have found on catspause or ksr the day before for

Marc:   Dude, ur shit is old and lame.  Come say it in person or shut
the fuck up...

Marc:   Whatever... Pussy

BBM:     ok macho man..next time im in nashville ill gladly take u up on
the offer..until then, keep up the honest journalism

So yes, you read that right. Maggard is currently waiting for a college kid to
appear at his doorstep.

And Matt Jones is the pathetic one.